UI Design

I love design & I have 8 years of web experience under my belt. Throughout the years, my interest & skills have grown naturally for other areas of web.


I have great knowledge of HTML, which lets me create well structured & meaningful mark-up.


I have a deep understanding of CSS, and this allows me to create layouts in the best possible way.


I have experience working in an agile environment & I continuously strive to add value to any project.

Lean UX

I have a toolkit of UX techniques that enables me to create, test, discover & then refine features that users want.


Learning jQuery enabled me to craft the user experience of my websites, which brings delight to my users.


I have a great understanding of Sass & I will comfortably design & write my code with this wonderful language.


Over the past year I have focused on learning the front-end side of Xcode, which has allowed me to implement my own designs.


I have experience working with Rails to make changes and modifications to projects front-end.


I strive to learn new skills daily, which allows me to be highly involved from concept to finish.

I love to create tailor-made online web experiences.

Hello, I'm Michael Trilford. I have a strong passion for wireframing, designing & building beautiful websites & web apps. I'm a UX & UI designer with a great knowledge of mobile first design patterns, which delivers a reliable, usable product for all devices.

My Tax

This mobile application transformed a lengthy tax refund form, into a simple and enjoyable process.

Skills utilised:

I led a group wireframe session with the team, so we had a clear starting point. This allowed the developers to start building a prototype, while I continued to work on refined wireframes and the overall aesthetic of the application.

Debtor Daddy

Working collaboratively with DebtorDaddy, we designed & built an iOS companion app of their web service.

Skills utilised:

My contribution to this project consisted of UX Design, which focused on transforming the product owners vision into a usable product for their users.


MCH requested a design refresh for the upcoming WW1 commemoration 2014 - 2019.

Skills utilised:

This site acts as a guide to find relevant events, projects & activities throughout NZ. This project is a great example of what I have learnt over the years, which consisted of creating wireframes, design & front-end development for a fully responsive website.

Anzac Sight Sound

This site explores the sights & sounds of World War I before, during & after the war.

Skills utilised:

The clients focus was to present the imagery, video & audio content in an exciting way. My objective was to let the content shine, so the design direction was built around this concept.


iOS loyalty coffee app that makes use of iBeacon technology, so leave your loyalty cards at home.

Skills utilised:

I contributed to this project by directing the user experience through the use of wireframes, and creating the overall design aesthetic.

Inland Revenue

Access your personal tax information from "Inland Revenue Online Services" on a mobile device.

Skills utilised:

My role was to make the Desktop version of "IRD Online Services" a good experience for mobile devices, while keeping true to the existing brand. Inland Revenue then implemented the design in-house.


This is my personal CSS boilerplate, which speeds up the process of styling forms on websites.

Skills utilised:

Formalize-css reduces the time involved with styling forms. Simply include the CSS & you will have an aesthetically pleasing form. You can then add classes or id's to enhance the form.

Boost New Media

This website was built in incremental stages, while keeping true to the Boost branding.

Skills utilised:

Working in an agile team with two designers, we decided to trial "paired designing". First, we created lo-fi wireframes to establish the content structure, then a moodboard to reflect Boost's brand. Once the groundwork had been laid, we started our journey designing in the browser.


This helpful companion reminds you that your meeting is coming to an end, so you will always be on time.

Skills utilised:

This exercise allowed me to work in Xcode, and become familiar with implementing my own designs. Knowing the limitations allows me to understand what can be done quickly & realistically.

Time Capsule

Based off the users location, they can view modern day landmarks during different time periods.

Skills utilised:

My goal is to be more involved with the implementation of my designs for iOS, so I can make correct design adjustments where needed during development.